Honors and Awards

Honors and Awards

The OR Society’s Griffiths Medal for best paper published in Health Systems in 2015/2016 with "Facilitating the Transition from Manual to Automated Nurse Rostering" (M. Mihaylov, P. Smet, W. Van Den Noortgate, G. Vanden Berghe)

Honorable mention for Best Poster at ICT4S 2016 with "Boosting the Renewable Energy Economy with NRGcoin" (M. Mihaylov, I. Razo-Zapata, R. Radulescu, and A. Nowé)

Received an IBM Award of Scientific Excellence to the Best Demonstration at PAAMS 2016 with "Smart Grid Demonstration Platform for Renewable Energy Exchange" (M. Mihaylov, I. Razo-Zapata, R. Rădulescu, S. Jurado, N. Avellana and A. Nowé)

Best Paper Award nominee at SMARTGREENS 2016 with "Integration of Load Shifting and Storage to Reduce Gray Energy Demand" (I. Razo-Zapata, M. Mihaylov and A. Nowé)

Won Best Demonstration Award at AAMAS 2015 with "SCANERGY: a Scalable and Modular System for Energy Trading Between Prosumers" (M. Mihaylov, S. Jurado, N. Avellana, I. Rázo-Zapata, K. Van Moffaert, A. Cañadas, M. Bezunartea, L. Arco, I. Grau and A. Nowé)

Obtained Ph.D. degree with Highest Distinction

Leo Coolen Award 2008 for master thesis "Computational Mechanism Design for Wireless Sensor Networks", Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Best Paper Award nominee at BNAIC 2008 with "Collective Intelligent Wireless Sensor Networks" (M. Mihaylov, A. Nowé and K. Tuyls)

Graduated Masters degree with Distinction